Although the LMC5 is easy to install, and you only need two wrenches to complete the installation, you may not have simple tools available when you need them most. If your C5 is running great and you've purchased an LMC5 as a precautionary measure, or you just haven't gotten around to installing your LMC5 yet, this kit will make sure that you have the right tools available whenever and wherever you need them. You won't have to borrow a couple of wrenches from a set at home to keep in the glove box along with the LMC5.

The Installation Tool Kit consists of:

1/4" combo wrench - for tightening the LMC5 ground wire hex screw

5/16" combo wrench - for tightening the LMC5 ground wire lock nut, and for the negative battery cable.

Note: 2004 Z06s and other C5s with an aftermarket top mount battery may require a 10 mm wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable. Please let us know if you need a 10 mm wrench, and we can include one for a nominal charge.

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