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The answer is YES if you have one of the following C5 Corvettes:

1997-2004 with a manual transmission

1997-2000 with an automatic transmission

2001-2004 European export Corvettes with an automatic transmission

This means that over 126,000 Corvettes are susceptible to this debilitating problem. It is very likely that every one of them WILL experience failure of the steering column lock system at some time. Domestic 2001-2004 Corvettes with an automatic transmission have not been the subject of a recall for the column lock problem. Of course, since you can install an LMC5 in ANY 1997-2004 Corvette, you'll be covered regardless. You can always just keep an LMC5 and wrenches in the glove box, should you ever experience any column lock problems.


Over the years, the manufacturer implemented multiple recall procedures that added, modified, or removed various components. These sometimes fixed the problem fro a while, and sometimes caused problems of their own. The manufacturer is no longer doing all recall work for free. Dealer service will now cost typically hundreds of dollars, with no guarantee that the problem will be fixed, and most importantly, that the problem won’t return!


When the column lock failure strikes, SERVICE COLUMN LOCK and/or PULL KEY, WAIT 10 SECONDS messages are displayed on the Driver Information Center, and the vehicle is rendered immobile by shutting off the fuel supply. Well, it can go up to 2 mph, (yes, that’s 2 mph). If no recalls were ever done, the steering wheel won’t turn either. With any of the recalls completed, the steering wheel will turn, so you could hopefully pull to the side of the 1 to 2 mph.


The LMC5 is an inexpensive, reliable and easy to install cure for the steering column lock ailment. Think about these facts:

No complex removal of interior panels or other components is necessary to install the LMC5. No screws to lose, no panels to get scuffed up, and no fingers to get mashed.

The entire installation is in the passenger footwell, and takes most people less than 20 minutes. The ONLY tools required are the terminal removal tool supplied with the LMC5, a 5/16” wrench, and a 1/4" wrench.

A low battery can trigger the vehicle computer into thinking there is a steering column lock failure, or can also cause the fuel to be shut off, even in many 1997-2004 Corvettes that weren't part of the recalls. The LMC5 will prevent a low battery from causing additional, difficult to diagnose, steering column lock or fuel shut-off headaches. The LMC5 has been exhaustively tested in Corvettes with low batteries. Even as the battery becomes too discharged to start the car, the LMC5 still maintains sync with the BCM (Body Control Module) every time the key is inserted!

The LMC5 is the only column lock replacement that synchronizes itself with the Corvette’s computer every time the vehicle is started, and again every time the key is removed, virtually eliminating the possibility of a sustained column lock error due to the BCM getting out of sync with the LMC5 module.


The LMC5 is the only column lock replacement available that has NO moving parts, connects only to the BCM, and can be easily installed in minutes.


The LMC5 is American designed and manufactured, using US parts whenever possible, and is covered against defects in design, manufacture and workmanship by a one year limited warranty.


Nearly anyone with opposable thumbs should be able to install the LMC5. It takes no special skills, only the ability to follow directions and pay careful attention to detail. If you're at all handy around the house (or around cars), you should be able to easily install the LMC5. The installation and troubleshooting information will guide you through a trouble-free install, and will get you back on the road in no time!

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