Every LMC5 comes with complete installation instructions with photos. This is an overview of the installation.


The LMC5 installation makes NO permanent modifications to your Corvette, and does not require ANY significant, complex, or time-consuming disassembly of interior panels or parts. You also don't have to do ANY diagnostics, relay testing, dash disassembly, k harness checking, wiring or circuit tracing. None! Using only two wrenches and a provided tool, the LMC5 installs in minutes, in the passenger side foot well, with absolutely no major disassembly of interior panels or parts! That means no dash panels to realign, no screws to lose, and no body parts to get mangled - whether yours or your Vette's!

The LMC5 installation has been designed to be as easy and foolproof as possible, and to result in the closest thing to an improved factory installation.

Fixing or preventing a column lock failure is now as simple as installing the LMC5. Period. Here's how:

  • Verify that the steering column does not lock. If it does, use the LMC5 Unlocker to unlock it later.
  • Ensure vehicle is safely parked and key is out of the ignition. Disconnect negative battery cable at battery.
  • Lift out carpeted kick up panel in passenger foot well. Lift out the BCM and disconnect the connectors.
  • Remove three terminals from the BCM connectors and replace them with three of the LMC5 wire terminals.
  • Reattach BCM connectors. Attach the last LMC5 wire to the BCM tab.
  • Replace BCM. Secure the LMC5 and old wires. Replace kick up panel.
  • Reconnect negative battery cable. Insert ignition key and verify proper operation. Test drive vehicle.

Note: For manual trans or export C5s, locate and detach connector from steering column lock relay above BCM.

That's it!

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