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2005-2013 C6 CAGS-SKIP
1997-2004 C5 CAGS-SKIP



The LMC5 is a device that interfaces with the Body Control Module (BCM) in every 1997-2004 Corvette. The LMC5 simulates the entire steering column lock subsystem in a small, rugged, and easily installed package. By supplying the necessary signals to enable the BCM to allow the car to properly function, the fault-prone steering column lock system is completely bypassed. The LMC5 is easily and quickly attached directly to the BCM, in a nearly tool-less procedure that requires absolutely no disassembly of any significant vehicle parts. The minimum recommended tools are: a 5/16” wrench, a 1/4" wrench, and the supplied terminal removal tool.

The LMC5 can be installed and will work if the car has never had any recall work done. The LMC5 will also work with ANY or ALL of the factory recalls. The LMC5 will even work with any other bypass type device installed. And, NONE of the recall changes or other devices even need to be removed! The driver’s side knee bolster doesn’t need to be touched. The fuel shut-off speed does NOT need to be reprogrammed. You also don't need to waste even one minute tracking down what part of the steering lock system failed. Simply install the LMC5, and EVERY column lock problem (other than a very rare BCM failure) will be gone! The entire installation is performed in the passenger foot well area, and only a carpeted panel needs to be moved out of the way by hand. Installation typically takes less than 20 minutes.


Perhaps most importantly, the LMC5 can be installed even if the SERVICE COLUMN LOCK, or PULL KEY, WAIT 10 SECONDS messages are displayed, the fuel shuts off at 2 MPH, or the steering wheel is currently locked! If the steering wheel locks, simply follow the unlock procedure available with the separate LMC5 Unlocker.


The LMC5 has been designed and tested to work with system voltages below 4 volts. It has been designed and tested to reliably output the proper signals even with the battery too low to start the car, and to continue working through recharging or installation of a new battery. The LMC5 has been designed to be self-resetting, so that if any highly unusual circumstance (i.e., temporary BCM fault) should occur that would result in a Pull key, Wait 10 seconds message, the LMC5 will reset and automatically resynchronize with the BCM upon removal of the ignition key. Even if a BCM or other temporary fault causes a Service Column Lock message, the LMC5 will still reset upon ignition key removal, but it may be necessary to disconnect the negative battery cable or pull fuses to reset the vehicle computers.


The LMC5 has been designed to withstand automotive voltage transients, including load dumps and other voltage spikes to over 200 volts where appropriate. While the vehicle is running, the LMC5 dissipates only a few milliwatts of power (less than a typical LED indicator). The LMC5 uses zero power when the vehicle is off, and therefore drains no power from the battery. Since the LMC5 only connects to the BCM, it can’t generate any voltages or signals that can in any way damage the BCM!


The LMC5 has been designed in the USA, and is also 100% assembled and tested in the USA., using American made components and supplies wherever possible. The LMC5 is encapsulated in a durable, compatible resin, that insulates and protects the circuitry from shock, vibration, water, humidity, acids and other forms of environmental and physical damage. The LMC5 uses 100% solid state circuitry and components, with NO moving parts. With no relay contacts, springs, motors or other moving parts, there’s nothing to wear out, no matter how many times the car is switched on and off.


The LMC5 utilizes automotive grade wire, and original equipment manufacturer connectors, which are crimped, soldered and covered with protective heat shrink tubing.

Remember, the LMC5:

  • Can be installed in ANY 1997-2004 C5
  • Completely eliminates the need to do any difficult, time-consuming column lock system diagnostics or testing
  • Requires NO removal of the driver's knee bolster
  • Requires NO modification or removal of ANY recall modification or any other column lock replacement device
  • Contains NO relays or other moving parts to break down
  • Connects ONLY to the BCM, and can't harm the BCM with ANY external voltages, shorts or other damaging signals
  • Requires minimal skill to install
  • Can be installed in minutes, often even on the side of the road
  • Requires NO fuel shut-off speed reprogramming
  • Will sync to the BCM every time your Corvette is started or the key is removed
  • Will fix the column lock problem even after you get the SERVICE COLUMN LOCK, or PULL KEY, WAIT 10 SECONDS messages
  • Will work if your steering column is locked or unlocked (if it locks, use the LMC5 Unlocker, available separately)
  • Can be kept in your glove box as inexpensive insurance against future problems
  • Is protected from physical damage by encapsulation in a rugged epoxy compound
  • Will maintain sync with the BCM, even with the battery too low to start the car - so no fuel shut off problems caused by a low battery
  • Is designed to withstand automotive voltage surges, spikes and other fault conditions
  • Is the only steering column lock repair module that your Vette will EVER need
  • Is covered by a transferable one year limited warranty


Every LMC5 undergoes multiple tests throughout manufacture, and also prior to final packaging. Random samples from each production run undergo additional drop, immersion, vibration and extended operation tests, some of which are performed while the LMC5 is operating.

LMC5s work perfectly after:

  • Continuously operating 24 hours a day for over 12 months.
  • Being continuously switched on and off once per second, 24 hours per day for over 6 months - the equivalent of starting the car nearly 15 million times!
  • Operating at over ten times normal operating current for over 4 months.
  • Being repeatedly run over.
  • Being dropped onto concrete from 40 feet.
  • We've even driven a Corvette with a properly installed and working LMC5 - with the LMC5 fully immersed in a container of water!

All of these tests are done with regular production modules, randomly pulled from production runs, NOT with custom, hand picked test modules.

Of course, don't try any of these tests at home. They'll invalidate your warranty!

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