This information applies to over 126,000 C5 Corvettes made from 1997-2004. These vehicles have a significant and debilitating problem with the steering column lock system. This is part of the electromechanical theft-deterrent system that locks the steering wheel when the car is off. Without the correct key in the ignition, the steering wheel can't be turned, and the fuel shuts off at 2 MPH, rendering the vehicle immobile.

Unfortunately, this system is very prone to failure, and it is a near certainty that every one of these Corvettes will experience a major failure of the steering column lock system. When this happens, you may see either or both of the Service Column Lock, or Pull Key, Wait 10 Seconds, messages on the instrument cluster Driver Information Center, and your car will likely end up stuck.

Multiple recalls have attempted to fix this problem, but none have been completely successful in preventing problems, and some have created new issues. Since the manufacturer no longer performs all recall work for free, if your Vette has a problem with the column lock system, it can get very expensive, very quickly.

Enter the LMC5. The LMC5 is the ONLY 100% solid-state module, with NO moving parts, that is designed to synchronize with the Corvette's computer every time the key is turned to "ON," or removed, and that completely simulates a perfectly functioning steering column lock system. The LMC5 is designed to remain fully operational well below 4 volts, uses zero power when the car is off, and only a few milliwatts when in continuous operation. The LMC5 is fully encapsulated in a rugged compound to protect it from moisture and physical damage, and to help ensure a lifetime of reliable service. The LMC5's minimum estimated operating lifetime of well over 50,000 hours works out to driving 5 hours every single day for over 27 years!

Installation is easy. Using only two wrenches and a provided tool, the LMC5 installs in minutes, in the passenger side foot well, with absolutely no major disassembly of interior panels or parts! That means no dash panels to realign, no screws to lose, and no body parts to get mangled - whether yours or your Vette's!

Fixing or preventing the column lock problem is now as simple as installing the LMC5 in the passenger footwell. You don't have to do ANY diagnostics, relay testing, dash disassembly, k harness checking, or wiring or circuit tracing!

The LMC5 can be installed with complete confidence:

  • Even if your Corvette is running great, as it's still susceptible to a column lock failure at any time.
  • If you see the Service Column Lock, or Pull Key, Wait 10 Seconds, messages.
  • If you've had any of the recalls done.
  • If you've had none of the recalls done.
  • If your C5 has any other column lock replacement device.
  • If your steering column will not unlock right now, and/or the fuel shuts off at 2 MPH due to a column lock system malfunction. The LMC5 will be able to get your Vette up and running in no time. If your steering column locks, you'll also need the simple to use LMC5 Unlocker, available separately.

Perhaps best of all, you never have to remove or alter ANY other added device or recall procedure! And, only with the LMC5, you never have to perform any other specialized procedures such as reprogramming the fuel cutoff speed!

Even if you've had all of the recalls done, if your steering wheel doesn't lock, or if you've had some other column lock replacement device installed, you should still get an LMC5. Why? Because it's very inexpensive insurance against any column lock problems stranding you down the road. Even if you don't install it right away, keep an LMC5 kit and a couple of wrenches in the glove box, and you, or virtually any mechanic on earth, can bring your Vette back to life in literally minutes! Whether a block from home, or on a road trip through the Badlands, you'll have peace of mind knowing that everything needed to fix the column lock problem is with you all the time. Anywhere.

Since the LMC5 connects directly to the computer module (BCM), and ONLY to the BCM, the installation of an LMC5 will repair all of the most common column lock system component, relay and wiring failures that can disable your Corvette! Of course, not even the LMC5 can repair certain types of major (and very rare) problems, such as a bad computer module (BCM), mechanical failure of the column lock motor, etc. But, considering that the rugged and reliable LMC5 will easily fix over 95% of all steering column lock problems, along with the low price of the LMC5, the ease of installation, and the typical dealer service charges that can get very expensive, very quickly, it makes perfect sense to always install the LMC5 first!

The LMC5 installation makes no permanent modifications, and can easily be removed - but, honestly, we can't think of why anyone would ever want to!

The LMC5 comes with a one year transferable limited warranty, and is proudly manufactured in the USA, using US parts whenever and wherever possible.

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