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1997-2004 C5 CAGS-SKIP
CAGS Skip Shift System
CAGS-SKIP Description
CAGS-SKIP Installation
1-4 Shift Light Disable

2005-2013 C6 CAGS-SKIP
1997-2004 C5 LMC5
FOR ALL 6 Speed 1997-2004 C5 Corvettes



The CAGS-SKIP is the FIRST and ONLY available product that disables the 1-4 shift light!


The CAGS-SKIP is the FIRST and ONLY available product you install without lifting your Corvette!

As described on the C5 CAGS Skip Shift System page, under certain operating conditions, the CAGS system will not allow upshifting from 1st to 2nd or 3rd gear, and will also illuminate the 1-4 shift light on the instrument panel. Virtually everyone who has driven a 6 speed '97-'04 Corvette has experienced this annoying system that often occurs at the worst possible time - under light acceleration from a stop, when you really need 2nd gear the most.

The CAGS-SKIP eliminates this CAGS (computer aided gear selection) skip shift function, and allows you to shift however and whenever you want!.

The CAGS-SKIP disconnects the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) from the skip shift solenoid and from the instrument panel 1-4 shift light, and reliably and safely substitutes signals that prevent the generation of error codes. In other words, your car thinks nothing has changed, but you'll never see or feel the original CAGS system again!

The CAGS-SKIP makes 3 connections to your Corvette:

  1. A fused connection to the positive post on the underhood fuse panel.
  2. A terminal that replaces an OEM terminal in a connector that disables the skip-shift solenoid.
  3. A CAGS-SKIP wire spliced to a wire located beneath the underhood fuse panel.

The CAGS-SKIP installation DOES NOT require raising your Corvette and crawling underneath to access the connector on the transmission! The CAGS-SKIP is easily installed under the hood, next to the battery.

The CAGS-SKIP and its installation have been designed to be as easy and foolproof as possible. No permanent modifications are made to your Corvette to disable the 1-4 shift solenoid, and to allow uninterrupted upshifting. The procedure to disable the instrument panel 1-4 shift light can be performed in two ways. Either cut one wire (quick and easy), or replace a fuse panel terminal (a little more time, but no cutting). Either way, this step is completely optional You can perform this step right away, months later or never. It's your choice. Regardless, the shift lockout will be gone forever!

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