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1997-2004 C5 CAGS-SKIP
CAGS Skip Shift System
CAGS-SKIP Description
CAGS-SKIP Installation
1-4 Shift Light Disable

2005-2013 C6 CAGS-SKIP
1997-2004 C5 LMC5
FOR ALL 6 Speed 1997-2004 C5 Corvettes



The CAGS-SKIP installation DOES NOT require raising your Corvette and crawling underneath to access the connector on the transmission! The entire CAGS-SKIP installation occurs under the hood next to the battery.

The CAGS-SKIP is the ONLY available device that prevents the 1-4 shift light from illuminating!

The CAGS-SKIP and installation have been designed to be as easy and foolproof as possible. No permanent modifications are made to your Corvette to disable the 1-4 shift solenoid, allowing uninterrupted gear shifting. The 1-4 shift light modification, which can be completed at any time, can be performed in either of two ways.

  • Ensure vehicle is safely parked and the key is out of the ignition. Disconnect negative battery cable at battery.
  • Detach and disconnect correct connector next to battery. Remove retention clip, replace wire terminal in the connector with CAGS-SKIP wire terminal. Replace retention clip and reattach connector. Insert unused original terminal into provided plastic cap and secure with cable tie.
  • To disable the 1-4 shift light: Method #1: Detach upper portion of underhood fuse panel from retaining clips and lift fuse panel an inch or two. Locate and cut correct white wire under fuse panel. Feed longer CAGS-SKIP wire up from under the fuse panel lower shroud and align end with white wire end. Fully insert both wires into provided connector and crimp using pliers or crimp tool. Reattach fuse panel.
  • To disable the 1-4 shift light: Method #2: Remove two nuts and fuse panel shroud. Loosen connector retaining screw under fuse panel. Remove connector, remove correct wire terminal (as shown in included instructions) and replace connector. Connect wire terminal to CAGS-SKIP terminal. Reattach fuse panel shroud.
  • Place the CAGS-SKIP ring terminal over the fuse panel post and install the provided nut. Reconnect negative battery cable. Test and drive vehicle.

Estimated installation time is less than 20 minutes (add 10-15 minutes for the 1-4 shift light modification).

Note: The CAGS-SKIP is ONLY for 1997-2004 C5 Corvettes with a manual transmission.

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