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1997-2004 C5 CAGS-SKIP
CAGS Skip Shift System
CAGS-SKIP Description
CAGS-SKIP Installation
1-4 Shift Light Disable

2005-2013 C6 CAGS-SKIP
1997-2004 C5 LMC5
FOR ALL 6 Speed 1997-2004 C5 Corvettes


Disabling the Instrument Panel 1-4 Shift Light

The CAGS-SKIP completely disables the skip shift solenoid AND completely disables the 1-4 shift light.

The CAGS-SKIP performs both of these tasks in a safe, reliable way that does not generate any error codes.

The CAGS-SKIP makes 3 connections to your Corvette:

  1. A fused connection to the positive post on the underhood fuse panel.
  2. A terminal that replaces the OEM terminal in a connector that disables the skip-shift solenoid.
  3. A CAGS-SKIP wire attached to a wire located beneath the underhood fuse panel.

Connections 1 and 2 disable the skip-shift solenoid to allow unlimited upshifting, and make no permanent modifications to your Corvette.

Connection 3 disables the 1-4 shift light, and can be performed in two ways. Either cut one wire (quick and easy), or replace a fuse panel terminal (a little more time, but no cutting). Either way, this step is completely optional. If you choose to disable the shift light, you MUST be very careful to cut or remove only the correct wire! In all 1997-2004 Corvettes, this wire is only used for the 1-4 shift light, so cutting or removing it will not affect any other parts of your Corvette's electrical system. There is only one white wire in that area, and the included instructions with photos clearly pinpoint the correct wire. Since this procedure takes a little more work than disabling the shift lockout, the CAGS-SKIP has been designed to allow you to perform this procedure at any time - or even never. It is 100% safe to install the CAGS-SKIP to only disable the skip shift solenoid. It's your choice to also disable the 1-4 shift light. You can disable it right away, next month, next year, or never.

It's also 100% safe to install the CAGS-SKIP to ONLY disable the 1-4 shift light. If you've installed another skip shift eliminator on the transmission, you don't need to install that portion of the CAGS-SKIP. Simply follow the instructions to disable the 1-4 shift light.

Remember, ALL other devices that eliminate the shift lockout are installed on the transmission, under the vehicle, and NONE of them stop the 1-4 shift light from lighting. The CAGS-SKIP is the only way to do both, and you don't even have to lift your car!

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