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The Unlocker is a simple device that is used to unlock the steering column in ANY 1997-2004 Corvette. The Unlocker is designed to be used in conjunction with the installation of an LMC5 module. During the LMC5 installation, you attach the Unlocker to the battery, attach the leads to the proper vehicle wires, and unlock the steering column.

Since the first factory recall disabled the steering column lock mechanism, your steering column will only lock if none of the factory recalls have been performed. Therefore,

You DO NOT need the Unlocker if your steering column does not lock at all. This means that the steering wheel can be freely rotated without locking up, whenever the key is out of the ignition.

You DO need to use the Unlocker when installing the LMC5 module if:

  • Your C5 steering column is currently locked, and does not unlock when the key is inserted and turned to "ON."
  • Your C5 steering column locks and unlocks normally.

Along with the unlocker, you will need the LMC5 kit and necessary tools.

Note: There are other ways to use the Unlocker to unlock the steering column, but the recommended method presented here is by far the safest with regard to your Corvette's electrical system. With the battery disconnected, and the Unlocker only connected to the battery and then the column lock motor, you have no chance of accidentally damaging the BCM, or any other critical and expensive components. In the event of an emergency, where the risk of damage to your car or yourself (due to where your car broke down, etc.) outweighs any possible (however small) risk of accidentally damaging components, the emergency unlock procedure mentioned on the LMC5 Troubleshooting page can be used with or without the Unlocker.

Another advantage of connecting the Unlocker directly to the battery (and not to a cigarette lighter socket, etc.) is that the steering column can be unlocked with a dead battery, or even no battery at all, simply by connecting the Unlocker to another 12 volt battery, or another vehicle battery.

The Unlocker procedure is slightly different in automatic and manual transmission vehicles. Please be sure to follow the appropriate installation instructions included with each Unlocker.

Note: If your steering column lock motor is severely jammed, or has failed in the locked position, not even the Unlocker will be able to unlock your steering column. Fortunately, this seems to be a very rare occurrence, and the vast majority of all C5 steering columns can be easily unlocked. We recommend that you contact a knowledgeable Corvette dealer or Corvette service professional in the event that your column will not unlock, even after using the Unlocker.

Since many 97-04 Corvettes have had the actual column locking mechanism disabled by dealer performed recall work, we see no reason to include an Unlocker with every LMC5. Why build in the cost for any item that you don't need?

Please check if your column locks with the key out of the ignition before ordering an Unlocker. That way you can save the money if you don't need an Unlocker. Or, save the shipping (and time) by ordering one at the same time as an LMC5 Module.

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